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I invite you all to share the challenges I will face and the obstacles I will overcome to try and drop my body fat from 11% to 4.5% in the next 4 weeks. My ultimate intent however is that this blog will help you find inspiration to reach your own goals*

It didn't take long after this blog came out for people to discredit my hard work by thinking this is just another case of steroid abuse. First - that's not what this blog is about. That's not what I'm about. It's about the ability of one individual to showcase the capabilities of the human body via precision training.

I've written countless articles on the growing abuse of anabolic steroids in our society and the growing amount of people who continue to pollute our sport with them. Steroids are not fitness and never will be. The remarkable potential of the human body and its ultimate ability to adapt, stay alive and overcome is far more complex than you will ever know. That's where I come in.

Day 30!!!! The final day

Today is a very special day - it represents the sum of my accomplishments, sacrifices and utter determination. I measured in at 5.4% bodyfat today, just .9% off of my target of 4.5%. Even though it's not exactly where I was hoping to be, my underlying goal has already been accomplished. 

Many of you wrote in to me letting me know how this blog has motivated you to work harder at your own program or try some new things in the gym. Some of you even signed up with me (thank you)...

But what was really accomplished here was a demonstration of an individuals ability to reach a goal, regardless of life's obstacles, setbacks or obligations.

Throughout this month, like you, I faced many, many obstacles. Peer pressure, social obligations, summer school, dining out, drinking, cravings, travel, training others and running my own business. Regardless, I stayed focused on what my priorities were and tomorrow I'm going on this cruise to reap the rewards. To me it was all worth it. 

But what about you? What epiphany are you waiting for? Are you going to keep telling yourself you're too busy to do something like this or that you have too much going on in you're life? If not now, when? If you have time to get on Facebook, you've got the time. If you've got time to turn on the TV after work, you've got the time. If you've got time to go out to dinner with friends, have drinks or get on the internet, YOU HAVE THE TIME! Put your foot down, set a goal and work for it.  Strategize. Prioritize. Exult.

Day 29

Well today I felt a little more hungry than usual and ended up munching on too many protein bars. Not terrible, but not ideal. Also, I also screwed up my diet at the gas station as well. While waiting for my tires to get changed, junk food in every direction just stared me down like an addict fresh out of rehab. At that point I broke down and snacked on some during the 45 minutes I waited for my car to be finished. I'm kind of disappointed in myself because at this stage in the game I can't really afford any more mistakes. I set the bar pretty high when it comes down to topping my day 21 picture and I know people are expecting something better this week. I also wanted to get some cardio in today but I was slammed with clients and getting things ready for my cruise this weekend. On a good note, the extra carbs I ate should fill me out nicely tomorrow, so maybe I won't be so flat after all.

10AM: Grapefruit                                          75 calories /0g protein
NOON: Promax Protein Bar                         275            /20g  
2PM: 3 cups watermelon (filler)                    150            /0g
5PM 2 Protein Bars (oops!)                           575            /40g
7PM: Apple (medium)                                  100             /0g
7PM: Speed Stack  reguar                               5              /0g
8PM; Protein bar                                            300            /20g
9PM: Snickers Almond King Size! mmm     425            /4g   (not part of plan)
9PM: Small bag Doritos                                140             /2 

Calories 2045 / 86g (horrible!) Today was a carb load day after all.                

Day 26/27/28

The last 3 days I have definitely made up for lost time in training and dieting. For a moment, my bodyfat actually went up after that day 21 picture. That pic set the bar pretty high and I've been thinking how much harder it's going to be to top that. As you may know, the lower in bodyfat you get, the harder it is to get leaner. I measured in at around 6.3% today, which is at least 1% off of where I should be by this day. I can attribute that to not sticking tightly to the 16-1700 calorie range I planned on and a slight shortcoming in cardio. It looks like I'll come in around 5.5% by Friday. Lowering it anymore in such a short time frame would be very difficult if not impossible without losing major amounts of muscle mass.

Unfortunately, you guys won't get to see me carb loaded out before I leave for this cruise. I'll be hella lean- but kind of flat, like a balloon that has lost it's air. That's what happens when you diet hard. Fortunately carb loading fixes that and then some. After your muscle cells have been in a starved state for greater than 6 weeks, they become desperate for carbs. When they do get carbs, they can hyper expand up to 40% of their normal size to absorb all of those carbs...giving you a Huuuge jacked look. It's got to be done just right in order not to spill over into fat stores though. You must walk a very fine line here.

 A reduction in water intake amplifies this look as well. In order for your body to process this mega amount of carbs, it needs water. If the athlete is not consuming a whole lot of it, the body will suck the water right out of your skin and into the muscle cells, eliminating any bloating and giving you that lean "Dry" look. This effect lasts for just a few hours in it's peak and a few days in general. Carb loading baby! I of course, will be saving my carb loading for when I get on the ship. =-]

So..5 or 6 pieces of cake later, I will look bigger, leaner and more shredded than ever. That's certainly going to have a lot of people hating on me and wondering "how does he eat like that and stay so lean!??!!". Only you and I truly know what's going on here. Anyways, pictures to come Friday, I should be leaner, at the sacrifice of some size and slightly flat. We will see. I've got to work on my color as well to to bring out my definition. Shouldn't be hard with this heat.

Day 25

Oh wow did I make up for lost time today. I felt kind of fat this morning because I was so behind on cardio and over the week I had consumed an extra 1600 calories that I wasn't planning on. I ran for over 2 hours today in Rock Creek Park and did an addtl. 30 minutes worth of plyometrics for legs, pull-ups (wide close and inverted grips) and some other chest stuff that I can't even begin to describe on here. I hate doing the average workout, mainly because I believe it yields average results. I have been documenting some of the exercises I do but truthfully, they may scare some people. I use only body weight for most of my training but still I don't expect the average person to be able to do my exercises. That's why I never post them up here. I'm not sure if I should post them. I don't want to scare off any beginners. Anyway, that's another story for later. The diet went extremely well too. I feel as if I'm ALMOST back on track.

10AM: Protein bar                               300cal       /20g protein
Noon: Speed stack                                 30          /0g
Noon: Oatmeal Bar                              150           /8g
2:30-5PM  RUn and workout    
6PM: Mediterranean Chicken Salad     400          /35g
6PM: 3 small breadsticks w/tapenade   275          /12g
8PM: Chicken breast w/small pasta      325          /30g
10PM: Protein Brownie                        250          /25g
Total 1730 calories  / 130g (wow, was I that short?)

DAY 23/24

Day 23-24. It's been a rough 2 days diet wise. I found a great new website for supplements (priced incredibly cheap) supplementwarehouse.com. I ordered about $350 worth of supplements for $156 shipped. When the shipment arrived, I just couldn't wait to "taste test" the gazillion new flavors of protein bars I ordered. I think I ate around 5 bars that day. That coupled with the fact that Harris teeter had 600 calorie fresh made chicken and pasta plates buy one get on free put me over my calorie limit for the day (I only ate one). I'm assuming I ate at least 2500 calories on Thursday.

On Friday it was my friends birthday and we baked him a cake of course you know I ate 3 large slices. WOWZA it was delicious. I estimate that was about 1500 calories. THe rest of the day I had only one protein bar and 1/2 of a honey dew melon. THat puts me at 2000 calories for the day and hardly any protein. I got a 45 minute jog in today but still  I can tell my body fat went up at least 1% since my last pics. Tomorrow it's hardcore training day. Full body plus cardio to get me back on track. Theres only more week to lose the rest of this fat and I'm seriously behind schedule!

Day 22

Day 22 - Today I worked on a ton of new workout films for my website. I plan on completely revamping it in for the fall season. The new website is going to be awesome! Lots more before and after pictures too. I planned on getting a great workout in like I do every Saturday but I never ended up getting it. With film you have to stop, record, reshoot etc. I need a cameraman! Anyway, it really took the flow out of the workout. Most of it is done though. I'll try for tomorrow.

On the other hand, the diet went great! here's the low down.

10AM: Protein shake w/fiber                     300cal /    20g protein
Noon: 1/2 Honeydew Melon                      175cal/       0g 
1PM Protein Bar                                         300cal/       20g
3PM: 2 breasts of chicken w/sauce             300cal        50g
5PM: Oatmeal  (1 packet)                            150cal         5g
8PM: Protein bar                                         275/            20g
10PM: 2 cans Tuna w/fat free mayo            300            56g
TOTAL: 1800 Cal  / 171g protein


Even though the diet hasn't been perfect, I'm still leaning out (just not as fast as I planned). However, the extra calories in my diet have fueled my workouts nicely, giving me an extra rep or two in the gym. I don't expect to be as lean as the last time I did this, but I will certainly have more muscle because of the increased calories. As you can see, I got some great color at the beach this weekend.

I'd like to dedicate my day 21 picture to Jordan who told me last Saturday that "I don't set the bar very high" (with my physique), to Dan who made me feel like an ass last weekend for not chugging down vodka shots with him and to anyone else who tried hard to screw up my diet that night. Cheers. =P

Day 20

Sorry for the late post on this one, it's really difficult to blog every day with my work and training schedule. Anyways, I got a great leg workout in, lots of Plyometrics and lots of static holds. Legs are developing nicely. Had a tough time with the diet today and but over all I did well all the way until about 10PM where I snuck some Doritos at my friends house. Though I am leaning out, I don't think I'm going to be able to come in at 4.5% bodyfat because my calories have been to high (too many screw ups) and my protein percentage has been coming up short. I expect I will probably come in at 5.5%. I'm a bit disappointed though at that level of bodyfat, I'll still probably be the most shredded person on the ship. Good enough for me!

10AM: 1 lb grapes                            325cal  / 0g protein
11Am: Protein Bar                            300      /20g
1PM: Kiwi                                         50       /0
1PM (3/4) Protein Shake w/fiber       200     /30g
4PM: 2 Protein Bars                          550     /40g
6PM: 1 cup watermelon                     50      /0g
7PM: 4 oz deli ham   w/ mustard       125     / 25 
7Pm Protein Bar                                 300     /20g    
10PM: 1/2 bag Doritios (oops!)          700      /15g
TOTAL 2600 calories (Very bad) / 150g protein 

Day 19

Today was a great day. The diet went well and I got a 1 and a half hour run in by the mall today. I didn't run very fast because that wouldn't maximize my fat burning. I'm sure you have seen this chart before on the cardio equipment at your gym. Let me explain how it works. Basically if you run twice as fast, you won't necessarily burn twice as much fat. This is because fat CANNOT be burned without the presence of oxygen. Since the lungs only deliver a limited amount of oxygen into the bloodstream, your fat burning ability is limited as well.
The fat burning zone is the point at which you begin to get diminishing returns. Any pace faster, will likely decrease the rate at which the body burns fat. The cardio zone is where the body starts to work anaerobically (without oxygen). This process does not use fat, it uses Creatine. So if you're 30 years old, you wouldn't really want to get your heart rate above 140 unless you were training to improve your cardiovascular performance.
Here's the diet today

10AM Trail Mix (too much!)      500cal/20g protein
Noon: Protein shake w/ fiber       300    /42g
2Pm: Protein Bar                         300    /20g
4Pm: Protein Bar                         300    /20g
6Pm: Lg pickle (for sodium)            5/  /0
(what most people don't know is that salt is an
 important electrolyte for the training athlete.
 During periods  if strict diet a lack of sodium
 can cause sever cramping)
930PM: 2 grilled chicken breasts 325   /50g
w 1 cup baked beans                     250  /15g
Total 1980 cal /167g protein (with this consistent shortage of protein I risk muscle loss)