Work With My Team and Save $$!

*Archi (left) is better for guys who want to gain size or build a good foundation. Also good with older populations. His style is more bodybuilding.

*Markus (center) is better for women interested in toning or guys looking for a tighter, more athletic physique. His style is more functional fitness.

*Jon (right) has been a certified personal trainer for 18 years and has a style similar to Markus’s. Works well with women’s physiques and injuries.

If you can't get into my schedule, I recommend working with my team (while having me write your program and nutrition). You'll receive the same world class programming that I write for all of my own clients in an easy to follow, week by week format. Training starts at just $95/session and free payment plans are provided! Full price list below.

Here's how it works:

Your initial program design session will be with me in person. Here, I'll custom tailor a razor sharp fitness program geared toward your specific goals and metabolism. This program includes:

  • Easy to follow cardio homework that you can do almost anywhere.

  • A realistic, flexible nutrition plan that won't kill your social life.

  • Basic supplementing (where needed)

  • 4 extra credit sections for those of you who want the fastest possible results.

  • WEEKLY weigh ins and body fat checks (by your trainer) to keep you accountable.

  • Bi-weekly emails from me via a convenient app that lets me see your activity & food logs remotely.

I'll remain on board for the life of your package for any diet re-writes, phone or email support as well. My goal is to keep you accountable until you reach your goals =]

*Actual Clients:

Nutrition & Program Design: Derrick

Training: Team DC