Mansion Fitness new expanded location!

When I first started this venture, I just wanted a nice, clean place to train with a personalized experience that my clients could rave about. Nothing big, nothing crazy. Just something clean and personal; something that would make my clients feel at home. Without investors, loans or family money, my business partner and I started Mansion with just 1500 square feet, 4 vanilla walls and a vision for something that had never been done before. After all back in 2011 (long before gyms got fancy), hanging huge chandeliers in a gym was completely absurd, uncalled for and crazy!

Over the next 4 years, we expanded 4 times and took over our neighbors leases during the great recession. We soon launched another class based version of the gym on Melrose called “The Phoenix Effect” as well. Over time, the gym soon took a life of its own keeping its personalized touch along the way. I never in my life imagined it could amount to this.

Today I would like to announce the opening of Mansion Fitness’s newest location on the WeHo/Beverly Hills Border, boasting the best views in the city, over 3000 square feet of rooftop terrace, a new and improved private training space and valet parking! What more could one want? Come check us out at 8358 Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood or check out our video below!

Revenge Body w/ Khloe Kardashian takes off @ Mansion Fitness

Sneak Peek! new pilot show "Revenge Body" being filmed @Mansion Fitness

Today we had a panel of judges @Mansion screening out over 100 of the best trainers in Los Angeles. Their goal? To find the very best 5 trainers in LA for a new show called "Revenge Body". Well, at least that's what they are telling me for now. I'm really looking forward to this, I think it's going to be a great show!

Training Juan Pablo For "The Bachelor"

I've been the go to trainer for ABC's "The Bachelor" and the "Bachelorette" series TV shows for 3 years now, and it's been an honor getting to work with such talent. It's been even more fun getting these clients shredded! 

Juan and I are about to start a very intensive training program and I have just a few weeks to do this makeover. He had a pretty good base physique initially so I just knew he was going to look awesome in the end!

Phoenix Effect Bootcamp Expands Onto Melrose Ave In A Big Way!

When I first opened Mansion, I was approached by a trainer that went by the name of Max Phoenix (center). Hugely spiritual, when this guy spoke his words resonated with you. I guess that's how he got across to his clients. A recovered drug user turned walking success story, he wanted to not just clean up your mind, but your body as well in his class. 

He asked me if he could rent out Mansions basement space to hold a bootcamp. I had just opened for business and figured the extra foot traffic couldn't hurt so I said "sure, why not". 

The class started with just 5 people in it and grew -and grew, AND GREW! Within 3 months, the class was spilling over into my parking lot. Hundreds of people were calling the gym to try and get into this thing. It seemed that the buzz around LA was EVERYWHERE! We had zero advertising. Zero signage. No instagram. No Twitter. Nothing but a basic Facebook page. 

I could see he had something special. Eventually, I decided to help him polish it into its own brick and mortar space and help him teach the classes. Max and I trained together for about 3 months in an effort to learn his technique. Soon after,  I started coaching more trainers to help us out. Our team of 2 grew into a team of 8 and the Phoenix Effect was born! Since opening for business 3 years ago, we've had over 33,000 checkins on Facebook alone. Watch the video below long enough and you'll even see our cryogenics deep freeze system which drops the temperature of the room up to 30 degrees in less than 5 seconds. Crazy!

Watch the video below long enough and you'll see our cryogenics deep freeze system which drops the temperature of the room up to 30 degrees in less than 5 seconds. Crazy! We were the worlds first to use this kind of system in a fitness setting.

It's unfortunate that Max is no longer with us =/ He was a gift to this world that was just too good to be true. Unfortunately, like any true legend, he was taken prematurely from us.

Max, I know you are looking down on me proud. I MISS YOU EVERYDAY =/ Los Angeles I present to you, The Phoenix Effect! Like us on our Facebook Page! 

Patent #2 On The Books! I Never Stop Innovating

Now you can curl your own body weight with my new add on attachment patented for all functional training cages and doorways. Now ask yourself...What is your trainer doing to innovate and further this industry? If nothing, it's time to switch!

Lisa VanderPump Chooses My Gym For Her New TV Show

Lisa Vanderpump Of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills and her staff at SUR lounge film their hot new spinoff show "Vanderpump Rules" at my gym, Mansion Fitness, Los Angeles. Click on the clip to watch!

Training the new cast of BasketBall Wives

Getting Draya and Malaysia fit for the next season of Basketball Wives. These girls were a ton of fun to work with and I can't wait to see what the next season holds! #Honored

Breaking Bad in the House!

A big thank you to RJ Mitte of the hit TV series "Breaking Bad" for supporting my gym in LA (Mansion Fitness) at our annual client appreciation and gifting event.

Training The New Bachelorette Andi Dorfman At Mansion

I've been blessed to work with most of the cast of the last 3 seasons of the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. Here's a quick pic of Andi and I getting ready to start and amazing workout sequence. #showprep

My First Patent!

After 2 years of waiting, Google Patents finally knows my name! This device is going to revolutionize the pullup and the way biceps are worked. Expect to see this brand new technology all over the Crossfit and gymnastics scene. Fingers crossed for the final stages!

Tinashe and I @Mansion getting our sweat on

If you haven't heard of Tinashe, check your local radio station's top 10. This hot new female R&B artist is blowing up....and I'll be there to make sure she looks great every second of the way. Thanks for the love Tinashe. Check out her newest hit feat Schoolboy Q.

Shah's of Sunset choose Mansion Fitness

Check out the Shah's of Sunset training with our legendary trainer Max Phoenix right here @Mansion Fitness. Season 3, Episode 14 "Is This 40?!" Click on the clip to watch!