Premium Training With Derrick

I Recommend*

1 session per week for maintenance or direction
2 sessions per week for fat loss & muscle gain (most popular)
3 sessions per week for accelerated results. Intensive; not recommended for beginners.

- Private Gym -

30 Minute Consultation: Free

Partner Training: +$30/session - Best Value!

Travel to Home/Office - Full / Not Avail

All Programs Include:



  • A program design session: A personally tailored diet and game plan to reach your specific goals as efficiently as possible. You will reach your maximum genetic potential in a fraction of the time other trainers take. This includes:

  • An easy to follow nutrition program that won't kill your social life (Vegetarian & Vegan options too!)

  • Weekly, progressive, calorie based homework you can do ANYWHERE.

  • Extra credit sections for those who want results yesterday!

  • Remote diet monitoring (via an app) on the days you see Derrick AND the days you don't for accountability.

  • A tailored excel sheet outlining exactly what you need to do on your own in-between sessions - Homework!

  • 1-3 Hrs/week progressive training with Derrick Inglut himself.

  • Unlimited phone support from 9am-Midnight plus 24/7 email support.

  • Monthly program re-writes as your composition changes and fitness level progresses (or as needed).

  • Weekly weigh-ins and body fat checks for MAXIMUM accountability.

  • A detailed progress report at the end of your program outlining muscle gained/fat lost and recommendations on areas you may need to work on.

You'll Learn:


  • Boxing & Kickboxing for a polished, athletic look

  • Functional training to keep you fit, nimble and lean

  • Foundation exercises to bring out curves in women and muscle in men

  • Core stability work to keep your physique symmetrical

  • Basic and advanced techniques in free weights (especially for those who elect my size program)

  • Hollywood diet secrets for easy dieting. The very same principals I use to get your favorite stars TV/magazine ready

  • Jump rope intervals to give your physique the magazine quality conditioning I'm known for.

  • TRX and Crosscore - Take a peak at my Instagram!


For more info on having Derrick design your diet and program in person while working with his team, please visit the Team DC page.

Personal Note*

In life, quality always costs more. When investing in my training program, you're not just buying a great workout (you can get those at your local HIIT or spin class), you're investing in a complete program for success.

Yes you'll pay slightly more per session than a generic trainer, but you'll likely need far less of them than working with someone who doesn't have a clear plan for your body type. We train smarter -not harder, with a razor sharp, written plan from day one.

Expect me to be straight forward with you during your free consult. I may even talk you down in session frequency or volume if I feel you don't actually need it (beginners tend to have ambitious goals and I'm careful not to let you overreach yourself).

By the end of our meeting, you should have a pretty good idea of just how much work is ahead of you, how long your goals may take and whether or not I feel your goals are realistic given your time and genetics. As your coach I'm not here to pressure you, I'm here to educate you on the potential obstacles ahead.